Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my results?

Exam results are issued within 8 weeks of your last exam date. Please see the 'Results Published' page to check projected publishing dates, this page will be updated once results have been published. You can find this page here.  

Can you tell me my results?

SQA are not able to provide candidate results by phone or email. You may wish to contact your exam centre who may be able to provide you with your results. 

Why have my friends received their results by post before I have received mine?

Results sent to overseas addresses can take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Some results may arrive before others. We must allow 6 weeks after the results have been issued before we can issue a replacement. Please note, results are not posted by courier in the first instance so no tracking information is available.

For overseas addresses, there is a charge for replacement results of £45 per course, plus a Courier charge of £35 to Europe & USA or £50 for the rest of the world.

Can I appeal my results/have my workbook re-marked? 

There is no appeal process as the MCA examiner’s decision is final.

Candidates can however request an Administrative check of their workbook (£25). This is NOT a re-mark. The addition of the marks inside the workbook is checked, making sure all pages have been marked and marks correctly transferred to front cover of workbook. The request for an administrative check must be made within 8 weeks of the results being issued.

I don’t know where I’m going wrong. Can I have feedback?

SQA cannot provide individual feedback to candidates. Candidates should contact their exam centre as general feedback from markers is sent by e-mail to centres after results are published for all examinations. This information should be filtered to candidates via the relevant centre staff.

How long can I carry forward my pass in my examination (OOW)?

Candidates will be permitted to ‘carry forward’ a subject pass for a period of 12 months (PASS C/F):

Candidates who FAIL to pass the other subject within the 12 months will require to re-sit BOTH the written examinations.

How long is my 032-73 Navigation & 032-74 Stability & Structure pass valid for?

Effective from the July 2021 examination diet, a pass (grade 4 and above) in either Navigation or Stability and Structure, will be valid for 3 years towards an MCA Certificate of Competency as per MSN 1856.

Will there be a transition period if I have previously achieved a Pass C/F or Pass NO C/F? (032-73/032-74) 

Yes, a pass, where a mark of grade 4 or above was achieved. Both a “pass carried forward” and a “pass not carried forward” will be accepted as an examination pass, valid for 3 years from the date the examination was undertaken.

Will I be required to request a new certificate with my previous 032-73 & 032-74 Pass C/F or Pass NO C/F?

There is no requirement for further or additional examination pass documentation from the SQA, as the original SQA examination results showing a pass “carried forward” or “pass not carried forward” will be accepted.

Can I request a certificate for my previous 032-73 & 032-74 Pass C/F or Pass NO C/F?

Yes, at a fee of £45. If you require the certificate to be sent overseas, an additional fee will apply for international postage. There is no requirement for further or additional examination pass documentation from the SQA.

I would like an extension to my CRA for Certificate of Equivalent Competency

Please contact the CEC examination section in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to request this.